SSMS is a great environment ... and here's how to make it even better: write your own AddIn! I'm sure that you have scripts that you run on a regular basis, you may even have external tools that run a set of operations on a SQL database - but it's not "integrated".

This session shows you how to do the really impressive things with SSMS that you may have seen in other products: direct integration with SSMS. Want to right-click on a database or a table and see your own menu and options come-up? Come along and see it - I guarantee you'll be impressed.

Even if you have no immediate requirement - this session will provide an interesting insight into how others have integrated with SSMS - and just how easy it really is - with the correct steps - all will be detailed before your very eyes!

This session shows you how to build an AddIn from "zero to hero" - maybe you'll be your company's next hero by providing a truly indispensible option tailored your company or department's specific requirements - saving literally man days of work for your team for common operations in your environment?

This session shows how to go from initial creation to fully packaged install in one session - everything you need to build your own AddIn for SSMS 2005, 2008 and Express. You can then take this knowledge and apply it to your own environment - I guarantee you'll have lots of ideas before you even leave the session!
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Presented by Hue Holleran at SQLBits IV