The ratio of DBA’s to the size of data being managed is increasing all the time as is the burden of compliance regulation ,so what can be done to square this circle? This session will show that many of the answers to these issues are included in the new management features in SQL Server 2008: • Policy Management allows fine grain control and audit of the state of all of the servers in the organisation. • Configuration Servers allows policies and SQL to be evaluated against a group of servers. • Resource Governor in Enterprise edition dynamically mediates workloads when the server is under pressure. • The Performance Data Warehouse allows historical statistics to be analysed. • Change Data Capture and audit provide a rich source of compliance data without adversely impacting performance. • Replication is much simpler to configure and maintain. • PowerShell support allows repetitive tasks to be scripted and integrated into other administrative tasks in Windows Server 2008.
Presented by Andrew Fryer at SQLBits III
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