This session is designed to follow on from the PerformancePoint server introductory session and it will cover the following: 1. MS BI - "the art of the possible": there are a lot of tools in the Microsoft BI kit bag, end users aren't interested in tools, so this part of the session is designed to showcase how content can be surfaced in Sharepoint in an integrated and hopefully seamless manner. 2. MOPPS - "My First Dashboard": this will go through the process of creating and publishing a simple dashboard. Starting from nothing and ending up with a common parameter driven interactive dashboard (including PPS, MSRS, Excel Services, and ProClarity content). 3. MS BI front ends - "tips & tricks": from how to de-brand or skin ProClarity to how to build an Analytic workbench application in Sharepoint. There will be absolute minimum Powerpoint and as much hands on demo as possible - although for those that already know MOPPS, there won't be much new in there for you, that's why it's level 200.