Audience This session is aimed towards those who are new to using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services and those who wish to learn the features of Reporting Services 2008. It is advantageous if you understand • Experience using Microsoft Windows Operating System • Basic Transact SQL Select statements • An understanding of basic relational database concepts Description With Reporting Services 2008, Microsoft takes a step forward in presenting SQL Server as an enterprise data platform rather than just a database engine. With innovations in data regions, vast improvements in visualisation, and a new Report Designer, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services provides a tool that can be used by all members in the organization. This session will walk through the authoring, management and delivery of reports with a focus on the new features of Reporting Services 2008. At the end of this session you will understand how to create a report in the new report designer. Be aware of the Report management options available and the delivery mechanisms that can be used to deliver reports. This seesion will also finish on the Objectives At the end of this session, students will appreciate how to: • Create and explore report structures in Business Intelligence Development Studio o New Report Designer o Tablix data region o Gauge data region o Improved visualisation through charts • Delivering reports to your User o Report Manager o Report Builder • Managing Report in Report Manager. o Properties o History • Reporting Services 2008 Installation. o Where is IIS? o Sharepoint Integrated mode o Migration issues