Do you feel that there's something missing in your DBA life? I did ... before I discovered unit testing with SQL Server! Fact: you're a busy, hard-working DBA ... are unit tests relevant to you? You probably feel that you have enough to do already just "keeping the lights on". BUT - consider for a moment that unit tests are now a crucial part of all modern development. It's at the core of agile development: Test First/Test Driven Development. So why is unit testing neglected for the database? This session's presenter, awarded "Best Presenter" in last SQLBits(!) - will show you quickly and easily how to get started with SQL Server unit testing ... and as a bonus the presenter has several free copies of a commercial unit testing framework to give away! If you feel that you just don't know where to start; or that you can't see how testing even applies to databases - come along to the session, give me just 1-hour of your time. I guarantee, I will change your mind. The session is accessible - even if you've never written a single test before. The simplest tests are simple one-liners that could save you hours of pain in the future. The session goes well beyond the concepts and shows tried-and-trusted techniques used every day by the session's presenter.
Presented by Hue Holleran at SQLBits III
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