During this session we’ll demonstrate End-to-end Microsoft Azure performance monitoring, Analyze the health of your entire Azure infrastructure, SQL Server on Azure VM's and Azure SQL Database.
Single Pane and DrillDown views will help you gain visibility into resources, VMs, Monitor your cloud services.

SQL Performance Investigator provides intelligent query analysis, insights on compute utilization (DTU) for single and pooled databases.
We will also demonstrate best practice checks to optimize costs, increase the performance, and reliability of all your Azure VM's and Azure SQL DB's.

Foglight cross-platform database software allows you to proactively improve database performance and increase visibility by monitoring all your diverse databases centrally, through a single console.
With alerting, diagnostics, performance analytics and more, you’ll see how you can easily optimize database health across your entire environment.

Feedback link: https://sqlb.it/?7269
Presented by Naushad Shaik at SQLBits 2022