Ever doubt your technical skills? Ever have imposter syndrome? I can assure you that both real things and both are absolutely terrifying to deal with. Working for someone as smart as Denny does not make it any easier. You are not alone.

If you are not aware, my boss, Denny, is very well known in the SQL Server realm across the globe. I will be honest in that working for him is an absolute dream of a job for me. While difficult at times (because the work, not because of Denny), I've learned a lot about myself along the way. In this lightning talk of a session we will go over some things that I've had to learn about myself working for someone like Denny Cherry.

We will talk about -
• Dealing with imposter syndrome
• Improving confidence
• The feeling of lacking technical chops

If you have ever had similar feelings in your job, know that you are not alone. Join me in this quick session on learning how to jump over these hurdles. You never know, maybe the lessons I've learned will help you land a dream job of your own.
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Presented by John Morehouse at SQLBits 2022