75% of business and IT teams believe their projects will fail right at the start before one requirement is gathered...it’s no wonder why companies turn to Agile.

Yet less than 50% of Agile projects are successful.

What good is having better ideas if your time-to-market is dictated by disconnected & underperforming teams?

For more than a decade The State of Agile report has revealed that while the top three reasons for adopting Agile remain constant, so too are the top three barriers with the #1 culprit of failed Agile adoption is directly tied to company culture.

In 2012 Google embarked on a quest to build the perfect team. After several years and millions of dollars, Project Aristotle revealed what good leaders have known for years:

Team performance boils down to one thing; TRUST

The attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make up the day to day environment of any workplace is directly related to its overall growth, effectiveness and sustainability.

Creating that environment is a Leadership responsibility.

In this highly energetic and interactive discussion participants will learn three proven strategies that IT leaders can employ immediately to begin creating a culture that supports and sustains true Agility.

Participants will also learn:
● The #1 enemy that can derail any Agile workshop or transformation
● Three key elements that will accelerate team performance in record time
● A one question assessment to tell if your company culture supports or stifles Agility

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