When you set a goal of becoming more data driven, what does that truly mean? ​

Being data-driven is all about making decisions based on insights generated using data.​

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Why aren’t we all making data-driven business decisions? We asked ourselves the same question!​

Firms have taken the plunge to become data driven. They have collected huge volumes of data, invested in technologies, and analytical talent. Yet for many, a strong, data-driven culture remains elusive. How should the data be used? How should it be visualised? And how can data be useful for every employee across the organisation?​

The ultimate challenge is that presenting great data visualisations isn’t enough to drive business success. It’s the action you take next that matters.​

A data-driven culture enables organisations to make more robust decisions at a much faster pace… learn how during this fast-paced session where we use our experience across hundreds of projects in dozens of industries to share the five key steps to success!​

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Presented by Justin Langford at SQLBits 2022