Understanding how the human brain processes visual information can help us all become better designers of data visualisations. When we build for “pre-attentive processing”, our audience get insights without even thinking about it – the visual cortex does the work before the rest of the brain even gets to know about it.
Choice of chart types, dashboard layouts and affordances to help navigate through a report all add to the experience of someone in your organisation being able to consume information without being forced to think too hard.
This session will help you to make better design choices for your charts, dashboards and reports, and to be able to back them up with logic and reason (not just because you believe #PieChartsAreEvil). Just because your favourite visualisation tool gives you an option to do something, does not mean that you should.
Cognitive psychology, working memory, colour perception, accessibility and design theory all have a part to play in delivering great experiences in your information displays, whatever tools you use to produce them.

Feedback link: https://sqlb.it/?7053
Presented by Adam Vero at SQLBits 2022