How do you manage data access with hundreds of users spread across departments, countries, or even companies while using the same Power BI dataset across those entities?

In this session, you will tag along the journey of working towards a solution to this problem. We will touch upon topics like automated workflows with Power Automate, Active Directory Security Groups, Decoupled Datasets and Security Tables, all combined with Row-Level Security to bring them all together.

You will be introduced to various advanced methods for handling data access in Power BI so that you will also be able to design highly flexible and dynamic security setups. The whole ordeal will be sprinkled with my experiences, failures, and successes in implementing such a setup in a multinational company.

- Row-Level Security
- Workflow Automation (Power Automate)
- Decoupled Datasets
- Active Directory Security Groups
- Security Tables

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Presented by Mathias Halkjaer at SQLBits 2022