So often when we talk about performance tuning we focus on a specific query, or maybe a few problematic queries. But your workload isn't made up of a few queries; it's comprised of hundreds, or thousands (or more?!) queries. The act of reviewing and tuning them individually is impossible. But we do have the ability to find trends and patterns across sets of queries, and then tune more holistically.

In this session we will discover how to programmatically identify common problems that can plague a SQL Server installation such as parameter sensitive queries, high-frequency ad hoc queries, and queries that have excessive tempdb use or memory grant issues.

Experience with the plan cache and query optimization is helpful, but definitely not required. Tools covered include Extended Events and Query Store, so this session is ideal for those of you running current versions of SQL Server and/or planning to upgrade, but options for earlier versions will also be provided.

Expect to walk away with practical knowledge you can apply to your environment once you convince your team what needs to be done!

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Presented by Erin Stellato at SQLBits 2021