Going into a new shop and don't know the environments can be intimidating.
The current DBA team/client just throws a list of instances where you should have access and want you to do magic!

Fortunately we can leverage the dbatools PowerShell module to get whole bunch of information that will give us a state of the art and help to answer some questions.
Is this instance running on a virtual server or bare-metal? What resources (CPU/Memory) are allocated? Which version and edition is installed? What is the size evolution of my database, filegroup or table? Do you know how many records the biggest table is growing by every day? What will a forecast tell you about your database/file group/table size in 2 months? will you need more space?

I will show how you can save the information gathered by dbatools on a central database including how I deal with big environments. On top of that, how can you leverage from a couple of Power BI dashboards that I have created. This dashboard will help you answer these and other questions faster than you thought it would be possible.

This is an 100% free solution!
Having data and give it meaning is priceless and after this session you will be able to implement this on your site and share it with you teammates, clients and managers!

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