Business Intelligence projects, and nowadays Machine Learning projects too, still keep failing at an alarmingly high rate.
They shouldn't be failing as we've had the knowledge to make them succeed for a long time already.
This knowledge however, isn't hidden in the latest and greatest tool or in a new management style.

In this session, we'll take an internal case from the consultancy firm I work for.
It started as one of those typical projects: "we're finally going to rebuild our internal reporting and we'll use Power BI for it!"
There's management buy-in and we've done a cost analysis and all those useful things, should take us 3 months tops.
We jump ahead a year to last month. I'm sitting next to 2 medior BI developers.
One asks the other what they're doing. They respond "Working on Project X". I hear a gasp and "Is that project STILL not finished?"

This still happens way too much and in this session we'll explore the issues and how to avoid or fix them.
You'll leave the session with the knowledge to make your projects succeed so you can be proud of them!

The video is not available to view online.