If you're a .NET developer, you may be forgiven for thinking that in order to build awesome machine learning applications, you'll need to brush up on your Python skills in order to use ML libraries, or even worse, buy food for that data scientist in your team until they've built an ML model for you.

With the release of ML.NET, this is no longer the case!

In this session, I'll cover what ML.NET is and how you can use it to add machine learning capabilities to your .NET applications. I'll cover the capabilities that the API offers in terms of preparing our data and evaluating our models. I'll also talk about the capabilities that the ML.NET Model builder and how that can simplify how we choose what type of model we want to build and I'll also talk about how we can deploy our models into production.

So ditch that data scientist (in a nice way of course) and come and see how you can leverage your existing .NET skills to use ML.NET to build some interesting machine learning applications!

Presented by Will Velida at SQLBits 2020