Analyzing System from the eyes of DBA using Extended events and Query Store for performance bottlenecks and improvements.

Adding R and Python (starting from SQL Server 2016, 2017 and 2019) and Power BI we can improve the insights of performance and predict next problems. Simplifying the performance troubleshooting by analyzing query plans, run time statistics and query history captured (all by using the Query store) we will be combining the data from extended events. With both powerful system insights, we will add the statistical abilities of Microsoft Machine learning service (on-prem) using R and Python and create advanced statistical analysis (clustering type of errors occurring, discriminating the events and reducing the complexity of gathered information).

Further more, we will be adding also predictive models for specific events (disk IO, size of temp db) or queries.

Session will cover demos and use cases, especially which statistical approaches and cases can help you enhance the monitoring and predicting next possible event.

Presented by Tomaž Kaštrun at SQLBits 2020