SQL Server gives us plenty of options when it comes to encrypting our data. But have you ever wanted to write your own encryption routines, perhaps you think that what SQL Server offers us doesn’t quite fit the bill for you?

I’m going to look into the basics of how encryption works and then we’ll learn how we can go about writing our own encryption routines within SQL Server. When we’re happy that those routines are secure, we’ll look at ways that we can go about cracking those routines.

Writing our own encryption within SQL might sound like a good idea and could even be something that you’ve tried out yourself but there’s a chance you might change your mind when you see how easily amateur cryptography can be broken.

The session covers,

Bitwise Logic in T-SQL
XOR Cypher
Caesar Cypher
Brute Force Attacks
Statistical Attacks
Plain Text Attacks
Ways to Enhance and Strengthen Encryption Algorithms
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