You like Power BI. You
think it’s a great suite of tools for data analytics, modeling and report. Now
you’d like to adopt it into your organization as the standard reporting tool.
And here we are with the first questions. How many times have you been asked:
“Can you share this report/dashboard, with me?”; “Can we distribute our work to
other users?”; “Shall we pay for it? Can we have licenses for free?”.

To make things worse,
the licensing model is constantly evolving, bringing more confusion to
end-users. When using sharing? What is an App workspace? And Power BI Embedded?
How can you manage permissions to reports and dashboards? Is it possible to
send reports via e-mail through a subscription?

Come to this session,
if you want to dispel any doubt about the sharing methods in Power BI. We’ll
give a clear and complete overview of all the collaborative features in Power
BI, helping you to choose the solution that best fits your needs.
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