DBAs are seeing the benefit of using PowerShell to automate away the mundane. A modern data professional needs to be able to interact with multiple technologies and learning PowerShell increases your ability to do that and your usefulness to your company.

At the end of this fun filled day with Rob, a former SQL Server DBA turned professional automator, you will be much more confident in being able to approach any task with PowerShell 
and you will leave with all of the code and demos. You can even follow along if you bring a laptop with an instance of SQL Server installed.

We will cover

• How to learn how to interact with any technology using PowerShell
• Understanding the syntax
• The importance of Get-Help and how PowerShell enables you to help yourself
• Why to write your own Modules and how to make them available to all of your team
• A quick automated method to creating your module framework
• Unit testing and debugging your code
• How to continuously deliver changes to your PowerShell modules using GitHub and Azure DevOps
• Tips and tricks for script writing with the popular open-source community dbatools module
• How to validate your SQL Server estate with PowerShell
• Advanced SQL Server Agent and PowerShell management

We will have a lot of fun along the way and you will return to work with a lot of ideas, samples and better habits to become a PowerShell ninja and save yourself and your organisation time and effort.
Prerequisites: Know how to open PowerShell!! It is better if you have typed in a command. Those brand new to PowerShell might find the learning curve steep but everyone will find benefit. Bring your laptop with SQL Server and WideWorldImporters and you can follow along.

Very basic experience with PowerShell
Laptop Required: Optional

  • Software: Powershell ISE, SQL Server, WorldWideImporters database
Presented by Rob Sewell at SQLBits XVIII