So you’re a SQL Server administrator and you just installed SQL Server on Linux. It’s a whole new world. Don’t fear, it’s just an operating system. It has all the same components Windows has and in this session, we’ll show you that. We will look at the Linux operating system architecture and show you where to look for the performance data you’re used to! Further, we'll dive into SQLPAL and how its architecture and internals enables high performance for your SQL Server. By the end of this session, you’ll be ready to go back to the office and have a solid understanding of performance monitoring Linux systems and SQL on Linux. We’ll look at the core system components of CPU, Disk, Memory, and Networking monitoring techniques for each and look at some of the new tools available from DMVs to DBFS.

In this session, we’ll cover the following 
- System resource management concepts, CPU, memory, and disk
- Introduce SQLPAL architecture and internals and how it's design enables high performance for SQL Server on Linux
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