Big Data is everywhere these days. There are a lot of Big Data
scenarios, from IoT (Internet of Things) to AI (Artificial Intelligence). The
common challenge to all of these scenarios is to handle very large volume,
velocity and variety of data (a.k.a “the 3 V’s”).

While there are plenty of other data platforms to handle Big Data,
SQL Server 2017 offers a lot of features and capabilities to handle Big Data
scenarios, and in many cases, it can be the best solution.

In this session, we will first identify these scenarios, and we will
try to answer the question: “Is SQL Server the right tool for the job?”. We
will then cover many features in SQL Server that can be used together to handle
Big Data scenarios, such as: Delayed Durability, Machine Learning Services,
Partitioning and Parallelism, XML & JSON Support, Real-Time Operational
Analytics, Polybase, and more.
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