Have you ever had a requirement to provide a method for many users to insert or change data in a database with minimal time and/or tools in order to do this? Have you ever considered Excel for the job? Whilst probably not the most recommended way of interacting with SQL, an Excel tool is a highly customisable method you can develop quickly with little prior VBA knowledge and be able to use on most Windows computers instantly. Sounds good right?! During this session I will explain and demonstrate how to create an Excel application that enables multiple users to make changes to the database and show you how easy this is to distribute quickly to the users.

Despite several years as a SQL/BI Developer I was completely unaware that this was even a possibility; so if like me you are also surprised to find out that Excel can be used in such a manner then this demo is for you!

Note this session is primarily using VBA with very basic SQL strings to perform the INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE.
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