Deploying untested code to production isn't ideal, manual testing can be slow and unreliable. In this talk we will look at the different types of automated testing we can use for our databases to give us confidence in the quality of the code.

This talk is for developers and DBA’s, developers who want to understand how and where they should write tests and what is the point of each testing phase and DBA’s who want to make sure that the developers are testing their code effectively.

Do you hear terms like unit testing and integration testing and shrug your shoulders and think that it all sounds a bit confusing, or do you see the memes on Twitter captioned “unit tests pass” but some piece of household furniture is entirely non-functional? Do you ever wonder how the blocking, cursor riddled proc ever managed to get through any performance testing? Then come to this talk and learn about the different types of testing and how we can be useful in proving that the code functions as required but also meets other requirements such as performance goals.

We will cover what types of testing can and should include in the development process. This talk is about the theory of testing and although there aren’t any demo’s you will learn where and when to apply testing techniques.

You will go away with enough knowledge to know how to start testing yourself or, for DBA’s, to help your developers start testing themselves.


Presented by Ed Elliott at SQLBits 2019