One of the most useful tools to the DBA when we need to test new features, recreate a fault that we’ve seen in production or just want to see ‘what if…?’ is a test lab.

Some of you are going to be lucky enough to have a few servers kicking around or a chunk of the virtual environment that you can build a test lab in but not all of us do.

This session walks you through how to create a virtualised test lab right on on your workstation or even laptop. 

We will start by selecting a hypervisor, look at building a virtual machine and then creating a domain controller, a couple of clustered SQL Servers and finally fulling functioning availability group.

The session will cover,

Selection and installation of a hypervisor
Creating your first VM
Building a domain controller and setting up a Windows domain within your virtual environment
Setting up a Windows failover cluster
Installing a couple of SQL Servers
Creating a fully functioning availability group
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