In this session we will create an Power App that will allow users to check-in their location. We will then create a Flow that will take that location and write to a Power BI data source and refresh it. We will then create a Power BI report that will display the data on a map.

Power Apps is a great tool that allows you to create a desktop or mobile app with minimal coding. The app we are creating in this session uses the Bing location services to get the users location when a button is pressed. 

The Microsoft Flow we create in this session will take the location and user information and write it to an Excel file. We will also look at a custom connector in Flow that will allow us to refresh a Power BI data set. 

In the Power BI report we will create we will connect to an Excel file with the location information in it and display it in a report including the location on a map.

The audience will take away useful information about Power Apps, Flow and Power BI including all the code used
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