You are already using a BI solution and are interested in moving into the cloud? Or a BI solution is on your roadmap and you are not sure if cloud or on-prem is the right strategy for you? Then choose this session to gather new ideas and real-life experiences.

We will cover possibilities and challenges of the following topics:

  • Overview of the current services in azure and why you have to rethink about your solution
  • ETL in azure with Azure Data Factory, Logic Apps, Stream Analytics and Data Gateway for on-prem data sources
  • Data Warehouse in Azure MPP, Polybase and the Analysis Services
  • Data Mining / AI with Cognitive Services and Azure ML
  • Reporting in Azure with Power BI + Reporting Services
  • Look into possibilities for maintenance and automation

Basic knowledge in databases, analysis service (tabular model), ETL process
Laptop Required:Yes

  • Software: - SQL Management Studio - Visual Studio 2015 or 2017
  • Subscriptions: An Azure subscription is advantageous but not necessary.