Is it possible for multiple developers to work simultaneously on the same Tabular Model? What about branching strategies? As the native tooling (Visual Studio / SSDT) stores all the model metadata within just a single file, this can cause all sorts of issues in a source controlled environment. In this session, we'll see how Tabular Editor can be used in a team setting to improve parallel development and branche handling. Using Tabular Editors command line options, all of this can be integrated into automated build and release pipelines - even when your developers prefer to stick to SSDT!

Attendees of this session should be familiar with Tabular Model development. Prior experience using Tabular Editor is not required.

Topics covered:

  • Breaking the Tabular Object Model into multiple files
  • Automation using Tabular Editors command line
  • Branching strategies for Tabular Models
  • Tabular build and release pipelines in Azure DevOps