Scaling out reads across database servers is hard enough, but when it comes to scaling out writes, you are potentially in a world of pain. In this session we take a look at Conflict-free Replicated Data Types, a piece of the technology puzzle which can relieve that pain.

CRDTs don't (yet) feature at the surface of the Microsoft stack, but they are already hard at work in the background within CosmosDB. 

Make no mistake, they aren't a panacea which make conflict issues disappear without careful upfront design. But as things stand, a database professional may well be thrust into a situation where someone else is pushing a conflict management solution. Having some understanding of common CRDTs, and their inner workings, is useful preparation for that day when someone tries to bamboozle you with what might appear to be black magic.

As such, this session is about getting to grip with the simple underlying concepts, not about taking home a new technique you will use right away. But these concepts are still fairly fresh out of academia, and the literature isn't always easy reading. I do my utmost to make the material accessible, sidestep the symbolic logic, and to make it the introductory session I wish I could have attended when I needed it!
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