Python is a more organized language than R. In last years, many data analytics libraries for Python evolved, and thus Python is catching up with R even in the data science area.
Microsoft added support for Python code in SQL Server in version 2017. Now you can use either R or Python inside the Database Engine for advanced tasks like predictive analytics. Therefore, you can use the language that suits you better. Statisticians and mathematicians might prefer R, while developers tend to be more Python oriented.
Attendees of this seminar learn to program with Python from scratch. Basic Python code is introduced using the Python engine installed with SQL Server 2017 and Visual Studio 2017. The seminar shows some more advanced data manipulations, matrix calculations and statistical analysis together with graphing options. The mathematics behind is briefly explained as well. Then the seminar switches to more advanced data mining and machine learning analyses.

Familiarity with the tools - SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio
Laptop Required:Optional

  • Spec: No special requirements, anything that can host SQL Server 2017. Note: laptop is not obligatory; however, I plan to provide the code used in the seminar at the beginning of the day, so you can join me in exploring and executing it. If you don"t have a laptop then no problem, you can sit back and watch!
  • Software: SQL Server 2017 Database Engine Services with Machine Learning Services (In-Database) and both languages, Python and R, SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio 2017 setup for Data Science and Analytical Applications

Presented by Dejan Sarka at SQLBits XVII