It is not always the wrong configuration of a Microsoft SQL Server which causes bad running applications. Quite often you’ll find design problems in the database, bad indexes or a mix of all together.

This workshop shows the diverse types of indexes you can use in an OLTP-System. Beside the basic stuff you’ll get introduced to different dmv’s which give you the chance to analyse and rate existing indexes and execution plans.

Equipped with the basics of row based indexes and the available tools, we will walk through different real world examples and build solutions for common problems based on wrong indexing and/or database design.

Fasten your seat belts for these topics which will be handled in detail:

  • HEAP / Clustered Index / non clustered Index – basics of indexing
  • What key is an ideal candidate for a clustered index?
  • Analysis of workloads is an essential part for a good determination
  • Importance of statistics for performant queries
  • Tools for analysis of index performance and index conditions
  • DML-Operations and its side effects to indexes
  • Understanding and reading execution plans
  • Difference of the physical JOIN operators
  • Problem solution with partitioned views
  • SARGable queries
  • Usage of correct data types for a good performing execution of queries
  • Foreign keys and it’s correct indexing
  • Impact of different collations on queries
  • Ascending key Problem

None - it is a 0 - 300 workshop. Attendees have to bring their computer. The demos will be provided for download at the workshop day!
Laptop Required:Yes

  • Spec: "SQL Server >= 2012 , SQL Server Management Studio >= 2016 (e.g. 17.3)"
  • Software: None
  • Subscriptions: No

Presented by Uwe Ricken at SQLBits XVII