You are hitting performance and scalability issues with the database engine, conventional wisdom and tools and getting you nowhere, where do you go ?. Windows performance toolkit has the answers and this session will allow you to unlock the secrets of the database engine, around things such as:

- CPU saturation, this will cover how the engine is structured, how to read call stacks and why windows performance toolkit is an order of magnitude more powerful than the debugger in this respect.

- any behaviour which is not documented, including latching and spin locking, the likes of the developer team, Bob Dorr and his ilk can infer a world of meaning from call stacks, this session will show how mere mortals can do this also.

- IO anomalies, is something in the path between your server and storage holding on to IOs or reordering them ?

- what is going off under the covers when you see strange wait activity, this will include a dive into the windows threading model.
Presented by Chris Adkin at SQLBits XVI