With the brave new world of SQL Server on Linux, it is important for SQL Server professionals to have good understanding of the platform so they can best advise their employers. Even though it is early days for SQL Server on Linux. In this all day session you will learn about the Linux operating system, how to use it, and how to master it, and how to best deploy SQL Server on the Linux platform.

You will learn about topics including:

  • Operating system architecture
  • Security Model
  • File manipulation
  • Common commands and using them together
  • Bash and Korn shells
  • Shell scripting
  • File systems and Volume Managers
  • Clustering in Linux
The SQL Server specific topics that you will learn about include:

  • Monitoring O/S performance 
  • Proper SQL Server configuration
  • Automating deployment
  • Deploying High Availability and Disaster Recovery
If you have limited Linux experience and want to to come up to speed, this session will be perfect for you. Attendees will take home lab manual to take the learning home.
Presented by Joey D'Antoni at SQLBits XVI