We have assembled a hub of technical experts from SQLCAT, Tiger team, Product Group, Customer Support Services (CSS) and others.
We'll have folks from across all our data, BI and Advanced Analytics teams plus some managers -available to answer any questions you have. You can ask us anything about our products, services, career, our typical week or even our teams!
Go ahead, ask us anything about our public products, the team or our work. Please note, we cannot comment on unreleased features and future plans.

Why would Microsoft do a Q & A?
We want to know how you use data. Your questions provide insights into how we can make service better, what the community needs to help them with being successful.

Martin Thornalley -  Data Solution Architect
Chris Lound - UK Customer Support Services
Lindsey Allen - Program Manager
Bob Ward - Principle Architect
Sunil Agarwal - Program Manager
Sanjay Mishra - AzureCAT
Mike Boswell - WW Data Platform SME
Bianca Furtuna - Technical Evangelist
Kasper de Jonge - Program Manager