Microsoft Session. Are you a:
  • Production DBA that wants to know which new xEvents and DMVs/DMFs are available to get further insights into SQL Server operations?
  • Production DBA that needs to troubleshoot a performance issue, and needs to collect performance data for others to analyze?
  • Developer that needs to analyze query performance and already has basic knowledge of how to read an execution plan?
Then this session is for you! It just works – performance and scale in SQL Server 2016 database engine and what is being added to in-market versions. This session will showcase several improvements in SQL Server, focusing on the latest enhancements that address some of the most common customer pain points the Database Engine, involving tempdb, new CE, memory management, T-SQL constructs as well as diagnostics for troubleshooting query plans, memory grants, and backup/restore. Understand these changes in performance and scale, and the new and improved diagnostics for faster troubleshooting and mitigation.
Presented by Bob Ward at SQLBits 2017