The availability and storage landscape for SQL Server has changed in the past few years. Not only are the options and combinations for deploying SQL Server instances greater than in the past, but we are also moving towards a software defined world. There are many new capabilities both in SQL Server itself as well as in the underlying platform which can help you increase not only availability of your instances and databases, but some will also increase performance and give you more flexibility.

These features can be cornerstones of advanced SQL Server architectures which need to be planned and deployed correctly. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of what is available – or get a glimpse of what is coming – you need to attend this full day session to learn about things like:
  • Distributed Availability Groups
  • Domain Independent Availability Groups
  • In-place WSFC upgrades
  • Scale Out File Server
  • Storage Spaces Direct
  • Storage Replica
  • SQL Server v.Next on Linux and its availability story
  • Quorum configuration for multi-site AGs and FCIs
  • Tips, tricks, and gotchas not only for on premises, but also for virtualization and public cloud deployments
Outside of anything in v.Next, everything taught and demonstrated can be used right now. Register to take advantage of these new paradigms and incorporate them into your mission critical SQL Server architectures today. Note that this session assumes you know the basics of Windows Server Failover Clusters, Availability Groups, and Failover Cluster Instances and will not cover fundamentals of availability or storage.
Presented by Allan Hirt at SQLBits XVI