You have probably heard about DevOps, continuous integration and delivery? This session introduces the concepts and benefits of adopting these processes. 

DevOps has become the latest trend. Development teams all over are moving to a DevOps culture where developers and operations work closer, in a single workflow to improve efficiency.

Most companies can easily build continuous integration and continuous delivery into their application. But many struggle with the database due to the complexity of migrating rather than overwriting. In this session we will look at the DevOps movement and how it can be implemented in any company large or small to ease database development and deliver working products.

By building a pipeline to define how code changes are tested, tracked and released into production you will see the benefits of these processes. 

This session will include looking at tools like SSDT, RedGate, VSTS, TeamCity & Octopus to see how they can utilised in DevOps.
Presented by Simon D'Morias at SQLBits XV