Whether you are a Rocket Data Scientist, a Starship Captain searching for insights, a Number 1 officer creating elegant visualisations or an ordinary Space Cadet seeking business enlightenment before your next Galaxy tour, BI Office from Pyramid Analytics can help you achieve your quest for insights and timely business information. By demonstrating how to build and deploy a BI Solution in minutes, this session will show you how BI Office can make your PowerBI output work on your planet! Ian is a data explorer, who has nearly 30 years’ experience in trekking the Enterprise Business Intelligence Galaxy. Starting in Technical Support, training and consulting with Information Builders in 1986, he subsequently developed a career in presales, product marketing and marketing, holding senior VP positions with companies such as Microsoft, Hyperion Solutions and HP. Ian can create the perfect launch pad to show you how BI Office can turn your company into a data driven organisation heading for the stars, whilst combining the best of PowerBI on Premises.
Presented by Ian Macdonald at SQLBits XV