Come to this session to see how to build a scalable analytical solution on Microsoft Azure with Elastic Search and Kibana.  We take you through what you need to do, how and why.  Elastic search is a distributed restful search and analytics application. It is document oriented, schema free and based on the Lucene search engine.  Not content with being a free text search engine Elastic Search lets you do real-time analytics over your data as well.
Kibana is a visualisation tool that works seamlessly with Elastic Search.  It allows you to create time based comparisons over your data and gives the users power to derive insight from the data.  It has a large number of visualisations available and we will show you the right ones to use for the situation.

At the end of this sessions you will understand

What is Elastic search
How it fits well on Azure
How to load, index and query the data

What is Kibana
How it works with Elastic Search
What you can do with Kibana
The visualisations available to you.

This session is demo heavy as seeing is believing.