Learn tons of SSIS internals and how to solve complex SSIS real world problems. This pre-conference session focuses on various problems you'll encounter with ETL and shows a variety of solutions in SSIS on how to solve those problems. 

In this session, you will learn how to solve real world data extraction problems using SSIS with a variety of battle tested design patterns. You’ll also come away with a pile of code to help you in your day to day job. You won’t get bored if you have your own laptop since you’ll be able to work with the speakers on many of the patterns. The session will start out with one of the most common challenges in ETL: data warehouses. Brian will show you a variety of competing patterns to load your dimensions and facts more efficiently and discuss the pros and cons of each. During this topic, you'll learn how to use SQL Server Change Data
Capture integration into SSIS (CDC) and incremental loads to effectively load your data warehouse in the fastest possible way. One of the most common design patterns needed is how to deal with duplicate data. 

The speaker will show an end-to-end solution to scrub duplicate data and give rows a scoring
system to sift out the best records. You'll also see a number of advanced patterns for lesser used tasks in SSIS like Term Extraction and Data Mining Transform. These are just a few of the patterns Brian will be showing during the full day. With all of the solutions shown, you will be given an end-to-end
project with all the packages and data. You'll come out of the session with a lot of options on how to do your day to day ETL job. (Please note that you will want to have at least beginner SSIS experience for this session)
Presented by Brian Knight at SQLBits XII