Target Audience: Developers, Analysts and decision makers

Overview: In this session I will use ‘website traffic’ subject to give you overview (5-10minutes) to an excellent self-service reporting tool Google Analytics that is available for website owners and I will show
shortcomings (from my perspective) of the tool for decisions making and present SSRS dashboards and reports that I requested and my wife Katie developed; I will present data related to our websites that allows me to make decisions and create “to do list” related to chosen decision.

What to expect? I will mainly focus on presenting data for decision making and actions that needs to be taken. So I will tell you several decisions I want to make and show you how I make the decision based on SSRS reports which will either be obvious or will require some analysis using the reports that have been specifically developed to support the process of making the right decision and once I make the decision I will show you how I use and analyze SSRS reports to create a “to do list”.

How to do it in SSRS? Although this session is to show ideas for developing dashboards and reports to support decision making based on real life example; we will provide links to our blog where we will prepare tutorials where you can learn how to develop similar dashboards and reports.  At the end we will spend about 5-10 minutes to show developers how to create “sparkline” - the easy way (suitable for beginners)

We will also share our fully functional examples (rdl files 2008 R2) after the session with those attending the session.