Have you ever had trouble finding data you needed? Or combining data from different, incompatible sources? How about sharing the results with others in a web-friendly way? If so, join us in this session to learn how Microsoft Codename “Data Explorer” can help you.

With "Data Explorer" you can:
  • Identify the data you care about from the sources you work with (e.g. Excel spreadsheets, files, SQL Server databases, etc.).
  • Discover relevant data and services via automatic recommendations from the Windows Azure Marketplace.
  • Enrich your data by combining it and visualizing the results.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to refine the data.
  • Publish the results to share them with others or power solutions.
In short, "Data Explorer" helps you harness the richness of data to generate new insights.
Presented by Miguel Llopis and Tim Mallalieu at SQLBits X
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