When it comes to the availability landscape, SQL Server 2012 changes the game for SQL Server deployments. There many new enhancements and for traditional failover clustering deployments for instances such as flexible failover policies and multi-site clusters that can and will change the way you plan, deploy, and administer. In addition to the changes to failover clustering, there is a whole new feature: AlwaysOn availability groups. Availability groups is an evolution of database mirroring that also takes some of the better bits from failover clustering to provide a robust availability solution. Availability groups may also enable some scenarios that you have had trouble with in the past, such as using a standby database for reporting and some maintenance instead of just for standby purposes. This full day will take a deep dive into these two features and get you prepared for planning and deploying highly available SQL Server 2012 databases and instances. If you do not want a basic "this is failover clustering" or a quick introduction to availability groups, nor do you want just a day of theory, this day is exactly what you need.
Presented by Allan Hirt at SQLBits X