If you haven't discovered yet what partitioning can do for you in SQL Server 2005 - then this session is for you. Many resources teach the basics of partitioning - BUT this session gives a view of partitioning from the trenches - ie. how it's been used in the real world to solve very difficult problems. This session is comprehensible even for those that have not used partitioning yet - as it starts with a 5-minute overview. Partitioning is a simple concept to grasp and this session goes beyond the concepts and shows in-depth how partitioning has been implemented in the real world. The session uses real case studies of very different and difficult to solve problems and it is shown how partitioning solve these problems in an elegant and simple way and more importantly how to keep a partitioned system performing optimally. By drawing on real case studies with which the presenter has direct experience the session shows many lessons learned from implementing partitioning that go beyond the basic concepts and show how real world problems were really solved by using partitioning.