A Testing Time...
A walk down memory lane
SQL Server 2005 and 2008 both introduced many language elements that simplify complex queries. In this session we will look at a number of less frequently used, but very powerful T-SQL features like PIVOT, ROW_NUMBER() and MERGE.
Choices, Choices - Loading and Modelling Slowly Changing Dimensions in the SQL Server 2008 Suite
Data Vizualisation - Make your reports useful to business - No more "Speed Dials"
Does your cube support your users reporting needs?
Don't try this at work !
End to End Report Creation and Management using Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Getting more value from your data through data mining
How to approach zero downtime database upgrades
Indexes Basically
Microsoft's integrated end-to-end BI offering
Performance Monitoring Using SQL Server Management Studio - power of Management Data Warehouse
Small Problem - Simple Solution: Lookup Tables
SQL Server – Under New Management
SQL Server 2008 for Developers
Understanding Query Cache and Query Plans
Useful Sql'y stuff that I've picked up over the years
Where’s my data? An introduction to Spatial Queries in SQL Server 2008