Recently the SQL MVPs put together their list of myths about SQL Server. If you think you know everything about SQL then come along and see if you're right.
Loading Partitions directly Consuming a package in SSRS Using a DM algorithm in the pipeline to see if the new customer meets criteria Fuzzy Grouping for deduplicating
Analysing indexes
Daves Top 10 SQL Keywords
Effective usage of SQL Server 2005 Database Mirroring
Extending SSIS with Custom Tasks
Getting Started with SQL Server Reporting Services
Handling early arriving facts
How to use Perfmon, Visual Studio Team Edition, SQL Profiler, DTA, Analysing Trace Output and ClearTrace to identify poor performance areas in your system.
Is your SQL Server secure?
Katmai for the DBA
What has changed for the better and worse.
Managing change in the database world
Partitioning in the Real World
Performance Tuning MDX queries
Due to the uncertaintity of whats will be publicly available in October we don't have the specifics of this session. Areas likely to be covered are new data types, spatial indexing, filestreams.
Transactions and Exception Handling
Unit Testing in SQL Server
What does Katmai do for BI
Whats new in AS 2008?