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Including Your Database in a DevOps CI/CD Process

DevOps is changing today's software development world by helping us build better software, faster. However many organizations struggle to include their database changes with their application deployment. In this session, we will examine how the concepts and principles of DevOps can be applied to database development by looking at both automated comparison analysis as well as migration script management. We will cover using branches and pull requests for database development while performing automated building, testing, and deployment of database changes to on premise and cloud databases.

Steve Jones

Steve Jones has been working with databases and computers for over two decades. He has worked with SQL Server since 1991, from v4.2 through SQL Server 2014. He has been a DBA, developer, and manager in a variety of large and small companies across multiple industries. In 2001 Steve founded SQLServerCentral with two partners and has been publishing technical articles and facilitating discussions among SQL Server professionals ever since. He currently is the full time editor of SQLServerCentral, as well as an evangelist for Redgate Software. Steve is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and lives on a horse ranch in Colorado. UID:SQLBITS3310SEQUENCE:0 DTSTAMP:20170524T003536Z END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR