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Frederik Vandeputte

Frederik Vandeputte is a senior consultant and partner at Kohera, the largest Belgian Company fully focused on SQL Server and Microsoft Business Intelligence. Frederik is one of the co-founders and the President of the Belgian SQL Server User Group (SQLUG.BE). In January 2008 Frederik, became the first Belgian MVP on SQL Server
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PowerPivot Nuggets - Part 20 - Create Time Dimension Office App 24 Jun 2013
Over the last few years I have created many PowerPivot models and almost every single one of them had a calendar dimension.   One of the top items on my "personal PowerPivot feature wish list" is a Calendar Dimension  Wizard. It would be great to have a Calendar Dimension wizard ...

PowerPivot Nuggets - Part 19 - Automate PowerPivot Refresh with Excel 2013 20 Jul 2012
Earlier this week Microsoft released the Office 2013 Customer Preview.  PowerPivot and Power View are now first class citizens in Excel, how cool is that.  I will blog about the BI features of Excel 2013 in the future.But today I want to share a nice long awaited feature for PowerPivot: ...

PowerPivot Nuggets - Part 18 - SWITCH() and multiple expressions 10 Jul 2012
SWITCH() is a new function introduced in PowerPivot v2.  SWITCH() is a great alternative for nested IF() functions in DAX.  Let's have look at a very simple example.Let's say I want to categorise scores, 1 to 5 would become a C, 5 to 8 becomes a B and everything above 8 is an A.In ...

PowerPivot Nuggets - Part 17 - Visualize KPI Trends 30 Mar 2012
KPIs are a nice new feature in PowerPivot 2012.  I blogged about KPIs before.    In PowerPivot KPIs have a value, a target and a status.  Compared to KPIs in full blown Analysis Services OLAP cubes we are missing the possibility to visualize the trend of the KPI.In this ...

PowerPivot Nuggets - Part 16 - Berekening Voordeel Alle Aard (VAA) Bedrijfswagens 09 Feb 2012
In Belgium there is a lot of buzz going around the higher taxes on company cars.  In Dutch it's called "Voordeel Alle Aard".  The goverment changed the way this tax is calculated.  Everybody with a company car in Belgium is now trying to find out wether he will pay more or less ...