A Testing Time...

Do you feel that there's something missing in your DBA life? I did ... before I discovered unit testing with SQL Server! Fact: you're a busy, hard-working DBA ... are unit tests relevant to you? You probably feel that you have enough to do already just "keeping the lights on". BUT - consider for a moment that unit tests are now a crucial part of all modern development. It's at the core of agile development: Test First/Test Driven Development. So why is unit testing neglected for the database? This session's presenter, awarded "Best Presenter" in last SQLBits(!) - will show you quickly and easily how to get started with SQL Server unit testing ... and as a bonus the presenter has several free copies of a commercial unit testing framework to give away! If you feel that you just don't know where to start; or that you can't see how testing even applies to databases - come along to the session, give me just 1-hour of your time. I guarantee, I will change your mind. The session is accessible - even if you've never written a single test before. The simplest tests are simple one-liners that could save you hours of pain in the future. The session goes well beyond the concepts and shows tried-and-trusted techniques used every day by the session's presenter.
Presented by Hue Holleran at SQLBits III
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    Hue Holleran is a professional consultant specialising in Enterprise RDBMS solutions: SQL Server since v4.2, Oracle since v7 and Hadoop since its first releases - and all versions of those products since. After more than 20-years as a consultant to over 100-organisations - and the largest global brands in various industries - Hue has established a reputation for developing innovative BUT practical solutions. Since developing in mainframe 'C' and DBase/FoxBase+ in the 1980's and Oracle and SQL Server in the 1990's, Hue's current interest is in multi-terabyte and multi-threaded BigData and Enterprise-scale solutions. Hue has frequently presented on various topics since presenting for Microsoft at all UK venues for the Visual Studio 6 launch in 1998, Hue's current focus is on leveraging the database's enterprise capabilities to implement truly robust and resilient systems that retain excellent performance even in the most challenging of environments.
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