Defeating the Limitations of the Query Optimizer

Query optimizers are highly complex pieces of software, which even after 40 years of research, still face several technical challenges in some fundamental areas. As a result, there may be cases when even after you've provided the query optimizer with all the information it needs, you still don’t get an efficient execution plan for your queries. This session will show you the current challenges and limitations of query optimizers in general and the SQL Server query optimizer in particular, along with solutions or workarounds to avoid each of these problems.
Presented by Benjamin Nevarez at SQLBits XII
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    Benjamin Nevarez is a database professional based in Los Angeles, CA, and author of “Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer”. He has also contributed to other SQL Server books including “SQL Server 2012 Internals”. Benjamin has 20 years of experience with relational databases and has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and has been a speaker at many SQL Server conferences, including the PASS Summit and SQL Server Connections. Benjamin’s blog is at and can be reached by e-mail at admin at benjaminnevarez dot com and on twitter at
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