4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

What I talk about when I talk about data

When I talk  about data the sentence that I utter most often is: “Look at Your Data”.  It is also the most important sentence I say. 

This is a talk aimed at those who care deeply about data itself.  Big data, little data; my data, your data.  We care about it.  In this talk we will start with a single cell and use it to build a fully functioning CRM.

As a database developer I have worked on numerous CRMs and seen data sets turn into deals.  I personally am more interested in the former, my MD is more interested in the latter.  When I talk about data I talk about organizations, people, vocations, life, death and whatever you yourself care to bring along.
Presented by Peter Moore at SQLBits XI
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    I am an IT Director presently leading an ever-growing team of 14. I have been leading IT and data teams since 2003. Before that I have had just about every data-related job going (I started as an analyst  back in 1995). My specialism is Data. Data comes in all shapes and sizes and I like bringing order to it. Typically I will approach a data source by: first looking at it, then making sense of it, and finally utilising it. The goal is (usually) to form a robust system that supports repeat interrogation. In addition, I have a long history of automating complex systems, designing databases, producing management information and performing data analyses. I enjoy my work.

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